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  1. 1. Overview of activities of the POWER project




    Overview of activities of the POWER project

    Strategies and Knowledge Activities in POWER - Work Package One (WP1)
    Report “Offshore Wind in the North Sea Region”
    A Report about the state of affairs of offshore wind energy projects, national policies and formal procedures and economic, environmental and technological conditions in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Working Document available on POWER website.
    Case Study European Offshore Wind Farms
    A survey to analyse experiences and Lessons Learnt by developers of Offshore Windfarms, looking at eight planned or completed offshore wind farms in the UK, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. Study conducted by DENA – Deutsche Energie-Agentur (G), Deutsche WindGuard (G), and the University of Groningen (NL). Available on POWER website.
    Concept for offshore wind information centres
    Development of a concept and exhibits for an offshore wind exhibition/information centre, to be implemented in Oostend and Bremerhaven, taking inspiration also from the Scroby Sands Visitor Information Centre.
    Information and Decision Support System (IDSS)
    An interactive computer programme/website allowing users to take up different roles of a planner, an environmentalist, a tourism manager or also a shipping representative, and plan - alone or together with other players - an offshore wind energy project. Board game version available as well. Demoversion of the interactive IDSS available on POWER website.
    Kids4Offshore – POWER for Pupils
    Development of an interactive learning tool on offshore wind energy created by pupils. School contest to develop parts of the learning tool. More info on the POWER website.
    Main outputs
    Quick scan / basic analysis: inventory of offshore wind farms, decision making processes
    Best practices - transnational case study
    Information and Decision Support System (IDSS)
    Planning guidance / recommendations
    Information package - (Centre, material, multimedia platform)

    Supply Chain Activities in POWER - Work Package Two (WP2)
    Networking between business support organisations
    Bringing together the key offshore wind regions, WP2 has developed strong links between business membership and support organisations in the energy sector, used for practical exchange of experience and cooperation. Cooperation and understanding was further deepened by staff exchanges. Also developed an infosheet/webpage promoting each of the partner regions.
    Energy Industry Classification
    All POWER partners agreed to use a common classification and definition system for the energy industry, developed by Douglas-Westwood for EEEGr.
    Regional offshore wind supply chain studies
    Four regional studies have been conducted to asses regional supply chain, respectively by local consultants, for the following areas: East of England, North-Western Germany, Denmark, North Holland. Are already available on POWER website.
    Transnational offshore wind supply chain study
    A supply chain study covering the whole Southern North Sea, conducted by Douglas-Westwood Ltd. Also contains brief assessments of all planned and operational offshore wind farms and all ports suitable for the offshore wind industry within the Southern North Sea region. Already available on website.
    Business Networking Events
    Aimed at creating business networks between the POWER partner countries. A German-English business networking event is organised for the 5 and 6 October 2006, in Lowestoft.
    Possibly another networking event in Denmark in the first half of 2007.

    Main outputs
    Supply chain studies: regional and transnational
    Exchange of experiences
    Business networking
    Joint publicity and communications

    Skills Development Activities in POWER - Work Package Three (WP3)
    Offshore Wind Qualification Requirement Study
    Based on previous studies and business interviews in Germany, Netherlands, England and Denmark. Is already available on POWER website
    Database of existing offshore wind energy training programmes
    Development of an easy to use database with information on education and training modules in the POWER countries available for organisations/businesses working in offshore wind energy. Will be available on the internet.
    Development of a competence matrix
    Development of a Management Competence Matrix and report on Performance Management in Offshore Wind energy. Will translate the qualification requirements into competences and performances and will serve as an assessment tool to measure the competence gaps of the available workforce in the OWE industry. Will aim to help organisations and businesses to determine their staff’s educational requirements.
    Standardisation of education
    Co-operation between POWER partners and external institutions/experts working towards standardisation of certificates/qualifications, to be accepted by partners in England, the Netherlands and Denmark. Participating parties are technical schools, Colleges and Universities. A first basic curriculum has been developed. The next stage will be to prepare a report on findings and to map out how to progress over the short to medium term towards harmonisation.
    Vocational education development
    Modules for vocational training are being developed in Technical English and Safety Training. Will be used in Offshore Summer School 2006. Will also be incorporated in a BAA course “renewable energy” at Uni Bremerhaven, and transferred to other POWER partner countries.
    Offshore Summer School
    First summer school trialled in Bremerhaven in September 2006. Another summer school in different country likely to be organised in 2007, possibly in England.
    Target groups: current onshore wind energy specialists, current offshore specialists (eg oil and gas industry), newcomers to the wind energy and offshore market, students with degree, trainees and technicians). “Cross learning” concept.
    Areas covered in the first summer school in Germany:
     Technical issues of offshore wind farms
     Interaction between engineers and technicians
     Work in international and interdisciplinary teams
     Technical English
     Safety and rescue procedures

    Master and Bachelor Programmes

    Main outputs
    Overview of basic necessities and requirements in terms of skilled and competences throughout the offshore wind energy supply chain
    Providing a database of existing educational programmes for offshore wind energy
    Bachelor and master programmes for offshore wind energy
    Providing vocatrional training on offshore wind energy through a summer school concept
    Dissemination / transnational answers

    Overarching POWER activities - Work Package Four (WP4)

    POWER Offshore Wind Declration (PDF/204kB)
    One set of offshore wind recommendations, to be directed to EU, national and regional levels, covering all three work packages. Possibly to be brought forward in a political declaration during the POWER final conference.
    POWER presence at high profile conference and trade fairs, such as:
    HusumWind 05, Copenhagen Offshore Wind 05, All Energy 06, Hamburg Windenergy 06, POWER Business Breakfast Lowestoft 06; EEEGr Summer Conference 05 and 06, North Sea Conference 06; East of England Territorial Cooperation Event 2006; Brussels Open Days 2006 (invited by EU Commission – DG Regio and DG Transport and Energy), DEWEK 2006 – the German wind energy conference, Euregia Leipzig 2006; POWER Conference 2007
    POWER dissemination
    Website; bi-monthly electronic newsletters.
    Brochure; folder; POWER mints; pens; POWER pop-ups and posters. Press relations – articles in various newspapers and magazines.
    POWER Conference, Bremerhaven, Germany, 14-15 June 2007


    Economic issues

    Skills development

    Strategic issues

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